State of the Game: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

With the release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition, you might be wondering if my SSE mods will be updated for AE. The short answer? Yes, in some cases.

  • First, any mods that rely on SKSE64 or CommonLibSSE will have to wait until their dependencies are updated. This could take a while. There is an experimental version of SKSE64 that supports SkyUI but not plugin-based SKSE64 mods.
  • Second, any other mods that do not need to be updated will, of course, not be updated. I do not have a list of those mods at the moment. Once I know which of these mods should not be updated, I can start the process of updating the others.

If you do not upgrade to AE, you do not need to worry about any of this. Otherwise, welcome to the Skyrim Modpocalypse.


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