Major Changes

  • Improving compatibility with other tools, Pyro can be configured with CLI arguments instead of INI settings. In addition, users can use the --worker-limit argument to fine tune the maximum number of compiler processes spawned.
  • All PPJ attributes are optional. If PPJ attributes are not configured, Pyro will use default values.
  • Pyro uses an incremental build system that compares timestamps embedded in compiled scripts with the last modified timestamps on source scripts, instead of recording and comparing hashes in an external file.
  • Path handling has been significantly improved to achieve parity with the Fallout 4 Papyrus Compiler CLI. Pyro will check if paths are absolute, if they're relative to the input PPJ, and if they're relative to Imports. Only the first valid match will be used.
  • Implicit import path discovery has been significantly improved. Pyro will evalute paths in Folders and Scripts to use any relevant paths missing from the Imports declaration.


  • Allowed xmlns attribute to be optional
  • Fixed issue where CreateArchive and Anonymize default values were always used
  • Fixed issue where Release, Final, and Optimize values were not properly checked for 'true' or '1'
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