New Features

Pre- and Post-Import Events

PreImportEvent and PostImportEvent elements have been added to the PyroProject XSD. These parent elements contain Command children.

How would these events be useful? In one use case, the user wants to automatically download the latest release of a mod from Nexus Mods, and the user wants to import script sources from that release. Pyro does not support the Nexus API; therefore, the user would need to call an external application to complete the first task, but without the pre-import event, to complete the second task, Pyro would have to become a child of that application's build cycle. With the pre-import event, however, the user can use Pyro to manage calls to that external application.


  • A Description attribute can be used to clarify each event. This description will be printed in the build output.
  • A UseInBuild attribute can be used to toggle whether the event is used.


Event Runs When
PRE Immediately before import processing
POST Immediately after import processing


<PreImportEvent Description="Pre-Import Event Example" UseInBuild="true">
  <Command>echo Hi! I'm a pre-import command!</Command>
<PostImportEvent Description="Post-Import Event Example" UseInBuild="true">
  <Command>echo Hi! I'm a post-import command!</Command>
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