Major Changes

  • When using XSD validation, Pyro allows the Imports, Folders, Scripts, and Includes nodes to appear in any order. This is a further improvement by Pyro on how Papyrus Projects are handled by the Papyrus Compiler for Fallout 4 which enforces a specific order.
  • When the game type is not explicitly defined, Pyro attempts to discover the game type first using arguments then the game path, import paths, and finally the flags path. The game type will generally be discoverable from imports; nearly every project imports base game scripts. For Skyrim projects, the game type is less accurately discoverable from the flags path because the flags file for SSE and TESV share the same name. If Pyro uses this last resort, the game type will default to SSE if the game path for SSE can be discovered as well.


  • Fixed issue where passing the full registry path with --registry-path was not handled correctly
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