These cumulative pre-release notes include versions:

  • 1574826016
  • 1574772562

Major Changes

Pyro now allows Variable values to reference themselves and other variables. For example:

    <Variable Name="modname" Value="Auto Loot"/>
    <Variable Name="modpath" Value="E:\ModOrganizer\Games\Fallout4\mods\@modname"/>

In addition, the following characters are reserved and cannot be used in Variable names or values:

!    #    $    %    ^    &    *

Whitespace, such as spaces and tabs, cannot be used in Variable names. The code>@</code character is also reserved but can be used in Variable values.


  • Fixed issue where whitespace and reserved characters could be used in variable names
  • Fixed issue where reserved characters could be used in variable values
  • Fixed issue where globbing files from Folder paths collected paths to all types of files
  • Fixed issue where compiler could be sent duplicate commands
  • Optimized process runner for when either no scripts or only one script would be compiled
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