These cumulative pre-release notes include versions:

  • 1579153323
  • 1578820587
  • 1578785515
  • 1578741974
  • 1578739900
  • 1578738572
  • 1578730357
  • 1578728566

Major Changes

  • Added positional input path argument (usage: pyro.exe MyProject.ppj)
  • Deprecated optional input path arguments (-i and --input-path will be phased out)
  • Implemented public Bitbucket Cloud remote support (no access token required)


  • Fixed issue where Output attribute values could never be . even if desired by user
  • Fixed issue where . was not parsed as project path in Output attribute values
  • Fixed issue where failing to load remote URL did not stop download process
  • Fixed issue where files other than scripts were downloaded from remotes
  • Fixed issue where local path for folder remote was not also imported
  • Fixed issue where branch refs were not parameterized for converted GitHub API URLs
  • Fixed issue where leading and trailing whitespace in PPJ node text could cause unexpected behavior
  • Fixed issue where only master branch remotes were supported
  • Fixed issue where scripts downloaded from remotes for compilation could not be compiled
  • Fixed issue where some remote URLs were not correctly parsed
  • Fixed issue where libraries needed for remote support were missing
  • Fixed issue where recursively importing from remotes yielded unexpected compilation results (now only the local path first created for the remote URL will be added to Includes and Folders)
  • Fixed issue where casing could prevent resolution of remote URLs
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