These cumulative pre-release notes include versions:

  • 1589924890
  • 1589570428
  • 1579252390

Major Changes

Added support for multiple ZipFile nodes

Pyro now supports building multiple ZIP archives from a single PPJ. This is a breaking change.

  • ZipFile nodes must descend from the ZipFiles node, consistent with other top-level nodes.
  • The Output attribute was reassigned from the ZipFile node to its parent ZipFiles node.


<ZipFiles Output="@MyProject">
  <ZipFile Name="@ModName - Legendary Edition" RootDir="@MyProject" Compression="deflate">
    <Include>@MyProject\@ModName - Legendary Edition.esp</Include>
    <Include NoRecurse="true">*.bsa</Include>
  <ZipFile Name="@ModName - Special Edition" RootDir="@MyProject" Compression="deflate">
    <Include>@MyProject\@ModName - Special Edition.esp</Include>
    <Include NoRecurse="true">*.bsa</Include>


  • Fixed issue where node attribute updater failed to run due to obsolete code
  • Fixed issue where BSA/BA2 packages created in a session could be clobbered when sharing file name
  • Fixed issue where relative RootDir path resolution logged failures to wrong logger
  • Slightly improved clobber prevention for packages and zip files
  • Fixed issue where Pyro and XSD did not agree on TES5 game type signature
  • Fixed issue where anonymizer could fail to run due to bad timestamp comparison
  • Fixed issue where anonymizer would log confusing error when targeting anonymized script
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