These cumulative pre-release notes include the following versions:

  • 1622408596
  • 1622359375

New Features

Remote Config File

Pyro can read access tokens from a .secrets file placed in the program path. This feature allows you to:

  • use unique access tokens for each remote,
  • store access tokens without revealing them in commands or screenshots, and
  • securely store access tokens. (Disclaimer: The user is responsible for setting the appropriate ownership/permissions.)

The .secrets file is simply an INI file with this familiar format:

access_token = your_personal_access_token

The access_token option supports user and system environment variables in Python syntax:

access_token = $ACCESS_TOKEN

Each section name is a host URL part that is matched case-insensitively against import URLs.

Host matches occur in sequential order. These host matching rules should be ordered top-down from narrowest to broadest.

If the --access-token argument is passed to Pyro, this argument will take priority over the .secrets file regardless of whether the file exists.


  • Fixed issue where where <Script> nodes did not support . and .. paths
  • Fixed issue where namespace colon format support could clobber absolute script paths
  • Fixed issue where slower built-in endswith and startswith comparators were still in use
  • Fixed issue where compilation did not fail when errors contained negative line or column numbers
  • Fixed issue where PermissionError was not logged
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