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Auto Loot, originally released on 9 January 2016, is the first and most configurable area loot mod for Fallout 4.

With Auto Loot, you can:

  • automatically loot Ammo, Armor, Bodies, Components, Containers, Drinks, Flora, Food, Junk, Keys, Magazines, Meds, Valuables, and Weapons;
  • automatically send loot to any settlement, your inventory, or mix and match; and
  • configure all aspects of Auto Loot while in the game using a Pip-Boy holotape.

Actively supported and maintained since 9 January 2016.


  • Automatron
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka World


Official Wiki

Patch Notes

Version History

Updating Saved Games

Before updating Auto Loot from any version >= v1.2.4, follow these steps:

  1. Enter this console command: set AutoLoot_Debug to 1
  2. Open the holotape menu, go to the Debug Menu, and click Uninstall.
  3. Sleep, save, and exit the game. Upgrade.
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