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AutoBuy allows you to snipe limited-quantity items from vendors, such as the Runecloth Bag recipe.


Command Argument Description
/autobuy Toggles AutoBuy
/autobuy list Lists items on shopping list
/autobuy reset Clears items from shopping list
/autobuy add item name Adds item to shopping list
/autobuy remove item name Removes item from shopping list

Item names can be mixed case, lowercase, uppercase, an exact match, or a partial match.

Addon Behavior

  1. When you interact with a vendor, AutoBuy iterates through the vendor's inventory in reverse order searching for items on the shopping list.
  2. When an item on the shopping list is found, AutoBuy checks if you can afford the item and, if so, purchases the item.
  3. If no items on the shopping list are found, AutoBuy continues iterating until hitting an unlimited quantity item.
  4. The merchant frame automatically closes after each interaction.

Recommended Use


  • Repeatedly reopen the merchant frame to trigger the MERCHANT_SHOW event, or
  • Repeatedly sell and buy back any item to trigger the MERCHANT_UPDATE event.

Keeping the merchant frame open will not trigger the MERCHANT_UPDATE event, even if the item is restocked.

Because the merchant frame immediately closes after each interaction, toggle AutoBuy off to interact with merchants normally.

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