Date Uploaded File Size Version
August 25, 2021 1 MB 1.0.0


With Interactive Clutter, you can pick up, throw, sell, and dismantle at least 11,398 objects that you could not before.

Interactive Clutter adds 86 new clutter items (55 without variations) to the game, including:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Bone, Bloody Bones, Left Hand Create Golden Goblet Pestle
Bones, Bloody Arm Bones, Left Leg Deer Skull Golden Plate Pot
Bones, Bloody Hand Bones, Right Arm Deer Skull, Horned Golden Platter Rag
Bones, Bloody Leg Bones, Right Foot Detached Eyeball Hand Cart Skeever Head
Bones, Bloody Ribcage Bones, Right Hand Dismembered Skeever Hoe Slaughtering Hook
Bones, Bloody Shoulder Bones, Right Leg Elk Horn Hot Iron Bar Spit Pot
Bones, Bloody Skull Bones, Skull Fishing Pole Log Stone Block
Bones, Broken Ribcage Bones, Spine Glazed Candles Mead Barrel Urn Fragment, Large
Bones, Intact Ribcage Candle Stand, Short Goat Head Mortar Urn Fragment, Small
Bones, Left Arm Candle Stand, Tall Golden Bowl Oil Barrel Wagon Wheel
Bones, Left Foot Chisel Golden Ewer Oil Barrel, Empty Wooden Plank



  • Changes the base objects of references directly in the plugin which may result in resolvable conflicts with other mods.
  • If loaded before mods that reposition or replace static objects, those objects will not be converted.
  • Weights, values, and keywords of new items may need to be adjusted for balance and economy mods.
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