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LibFire is a CommonLibSSE-NG plugin that extends Papyrus with various functions not implemented by other extenders.





File Description
LibFire.pyroproject an XML-based Pyro project file
Scripts/LibFire.pex the compiled header script
Scripts/Source/LibFire.psc the source header script
SKSE/Plugins/LibFire.dll the SKSE/CommonLibSSE plugin

For Players


Install with a mod manager, such as Mod Organizer 2. Players need only LibFire.pex and LibFire.dll.

For Mod Authors

Importing with Pyro

The Pyro project for Master of Disguise SSE imports multiple libraries from GitHub, including LibFire. Here's how:

    <Variable Name="ModName" Value="Master of Disguise - Special Edition"/>
    <Variable Name="ModsPath" Value="F:\ModOrganizer\Games\SkyrimSE\mods" />
    <Variable Name="OutputPath" Value="@ModsPath\@ModName"/>
    <Variable Name="GamePath" Value="$Skyrim64Path"/>
    <Variable Name="SourceDir" Value="Scripts\Source"/>
    <Variable Name="ScriptsPath" Value="@GamePath\Data\@SourceDir"/>
    <Variable Name="RepoBaseURL" Value=""/>

For Developers


  • Compile with CMake from the GitHub repo. Your environment must be set up for CommonLibSSE plugin development already.
  • Submit open source PRs on GitHub.
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