Lockpicking Overhaul (Cheat)

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August 26, 2021 12 MB


With Lockpicking Overhaul (Cheat), you can instantly unlock and open locked doors and stashes regardless of your Lockpicking skill level. You will never encounter the minigame and lockpicks will never be required.

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  1. Download the file.
  2. Navigate to wherever you installed the game.
  3. Create a Mods folder in the game's root path. It should be at the same level as Data, Engine, Localization, etc.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your Mods folder.
  5. Play the game.


  • Pick locks as normal.
  • When you pick a lock, locked doors and stashes will simply unlock and open.


Lockpicking XP

As of v1.9, the XP formula matches vanilla exactly. Thanks to Warhorse developer Bart.

XP = RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPMulCoef * (lockDiff + 1) / (RPG.LockPickingSuccessXPDivCoef * skillLvl + 1)

In addition, Stealth XP is rewarded for picking locks, derived from RPG.LockPickingStealthXP.

Remember Searched

When stashes are opened, they are marked as searched in the UI.

Intermod Compatibility

  • Loot Info: Load Lockpicking Overhaul after Loot Info

Changed Files

Any mod that changes these files is incompatible:

  • Data\Levels\rataje\**\*.xml (Stash Patch only)
  • Data\Levels\rataje_dlc4\**\*.xml (Stash Patch only)
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\Doors\AnimDoor.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\Stash\AnimStash.lua
  • Localization\{lang}_xml.pak\text_ui_ingame.xml
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