v1.2.9.1 brings the following changes and fixed issues to Auto Loot:


  • When enabled, Auto Lockpick will automatically unlock Advanced, Expert, and Master locks only if the player has the required Locksmith perks.

Reminder: Auto Lockpick assumes there are four Locksmith perks and that the first three allow picking Advanced, Expert, and Master locks. If you use any mods that change the Locksmith perks, Auto Lockpick will not account for these changes.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed multiple issues where filters would loot items that populated quest aliases, breaking or possibly breaking the associated quests
  • Fixed issue where Currency filter cannot loot activation-blocked miscellaneous objects (e.g., Bobby Pin Boxes, Bottlecap Mine caps, Money Shot caps)
  • Fixed issue where Flora filter cannot loot floral trap activators like Irradiated Thistle
  • Fixed issue where Flora filter treats flora outside settlement boundaries as workshop objects when Loot Settlements is enabled
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